Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is the life of a Human Being worth?

1) What is the life of a human being?
- I believe that every single person is equal and there isn't worth to a human life. In our world, though, there can be a price to life. There are people in this world who see humans as worth less than others or see them as worthless. Other humans are seen as more important and more "valuable". For example, Obama is considered a VIP more than most ordinary citizens.
2) How is worth determined in the U.S.?
- Most people in the U.S. judge people they see and can tell their "worth" by the way they dress or act. Inside this is fact of discrimination to people who may be considered "lower class" or thought of as "not as good". People realistically judge others everyday of their lives and this creates tension and competition between humans.

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