Thursday, December 10, 2009

Haymarket and Strikes

Haymarket Strikes: I believe that workers have the right to strike at anytime that they please. Especially workers who are paid very little, work long hours, and work very long and tiring jobs that require a lot of physical activity. I think that the strike is fair as long as it is inside the boundaries of the law, but what happened in haymarket is murder and is both illegal and wrong.

Woman's Rights: Woman's suffrage is a very different story. Similar to the Haymarket incident they did protest to get what they wanted, but unlike the Haymarket incident, they protested peacefully and successfully got what they wanted. The protesters at the Haymarket incident, on the other hand, were shot and killed and violence erupted.

I have a Dream: I believe that Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech is very moving and is one of, if not the most, powerful and memorable speech in history. He not only attempted to give African American's hope at the time, but he believed in what he was doing and he meant everything he said. He was one of the few African Americans at the time who was willing to do something about the racial discrimination.

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